Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The kids furniture

The children's furniture that my wife and I made last year was fun to have displayed in our home. Here they are the units in no particular order of favorites:

The Table and Chairs
This unit is made out of solid pine and finished in a clear coat of polyurethane. There are four chairs with this table and it also comes with a leaf. It has been used at family functions. There are a few notes I will make. The table top does move because there is a leaf that goes in it. I have an idea how to lock it in place and I will add it to the table before it is delivered.

The Dry Sink
Fun little sink that lets kids use their imagination. It is made out of solid pine (except for the back is ply wood) and has a clear coat of polyurethane. This was made right handed by request of my wife. If it was up to me it would be left handed. Do not be fooled this sink will NOT hold water, however the pump does move up and down. There is plenty of stage in it. we used to keep the baby stuff we were collecting in it until some kids got into it. They used the shampoo as lotion because it smelled nice. We had a good laugh. This was also the unit I tried my luck with a tap and die set. The pump is attached with real wooden screws.

The Wood Stove
One of the more challenging pieces but it was fun. The unit is made out of solid wood (Except the back panels is plywood) and finished in polyurethane. There is a lot of little places to put things and I will even include the pan set that we have with it now. I can't say it is all there but it came from Ikea. The burners are removable and all doors and drawers work. The hutch is removable and is located by dowels. The only concern I have with it is the corners on the base and stove top are not rounded. It is not a huge issue unless if it is thrown around. I will point out that I do have a glaring mistake. When I was routing out the back center burner the bit shifted down and eventually punched through the top. The mistake is covered by the burner but it is very much visible if the burner is removed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Things

Since my weekly project updates are complete I don't have an update this week, just some random things. 

While I was driving down the freeway on the work I saw truck with the advertisement "Husband for Hire". I thought this was a interesting.  It turned out to be a handyman service.  I couldn't see the rest of the ad because the bed was full of stuff.  It brightened my day.

The other random thing is about some grasshoppers I made.  I tried to make them less of a choking hazard and I do not like them.  They are originally suppose to be a pull toy so I removed the string and the antenna.  They did not turn out as well as the original ones.  I do not what to do with them so I think I am just going to give them away.  I have two of them so the first two people that want them get them.  I  am not going to post this on facebook.  One of the originals is up for sale on the right.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Time for Change

I think it is about time I changed some of the graphics and layout of my blog. On the right side are products that I am selling. These are usually duplicates because it is just as fast to make one as it is to make a few. If you are interested e-mail me for the price. And as always if I made one I can make another, so if you do not see it up for sale ask me about it and I will let you know and the price and lead times.

Have a wonderful day!