Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Box and a Clock

Today I had the experience of helping the 11-year old scouts make camping boxes.  If all my projects went this smooth it would be great.  The only problem we had was snapping the the heads off a couple of screws.  These were the nicest camping boxes ever made, and that is an understatement.  The boxes were made out of solid butcher block maple.  Hopefully this is what they got out of this experience:
  • Understanding how to develop a project, sketch it out and cost the materials.
  • Know how to use basic hand power tools.
  • Know safety for oneself and other with tools.
  • Knowing that they can accomplish a task if they want to.
  • How to drive in a nail with a hammer.
All the parts were cut to size and grooved for an easier assembly before today.  The scouts had to bore holes for rope handles using a drill press.  Using a cordless drill, they had to pre-drill and countersink all the holes for the screws.  They also had to mark and attach inset hinges for the lid.  They also had to burn their names in the lid.  That was the only place were we had injuries. It was a fun project and we completed seven boxes.  All the wood was donated by RSI Home products.
 I hope the parents that came also had an enjoyable time and learned something too.

This is probably my one and only clock that I will make.  The face was $13 and it is only 1 3/8 in diameter!  It was a tough scroll saw job but it came out nice.  I need a pen to go with it, so I need a lathe.

My photography teacher would kill me for this picture.  If you look at all watch pictures, the hands are at 10 and 2.  Mine are at 8 and 4.  The hands make a sad face not a happy face.  Little tricks learned.

If the words did not come out well it says "Squeezed for time."  I do not know where I found the pattern.  It was free off a website.