What is included with the plans?
Each plan comes with detailed drawings.  Parts that are intricate come with full sized drawings that can be applied to the piece as a pattern.  Each plan also includes a bill of materials and exploded views detailing the assembly of the toy.

Where can I purchase the hardware for the toys?
There are many places to purchase the hardware.  I do not specifically recommend a company.  Craft and wood working stores will usually have things such as wheels and axles.  I would suggest looking around the web for better deals, just watch out for the shipping charges.

What power tools do I need to have to make these toys?
I have tried to keep the tools to the basic wood working tools.  I would recommend a table saw, miter saw, scroll saw, drill press, table router and belt sander.  Some nice to have tools would be a band saw and a drum sander.  These are not necessary but make certain tasks easier.  If more than these tools are needed I have tried to specify the tools in the description of the toy.  You will need a scroll saw to do inside cuts.

How should I finish the toy for a child?
It needs to be child safe.  I have called companies and talked with other workers.  I like to use shellac because it is a natural finish and is easy to apply.  I have also used polyurethane and mineral oil. Be sure to check with the vendor before using a finish.

Are the plans copyrighted?
Yes.  The purchase of the plans allows the purchaser to make the toys detailed out.  It does not allow one to copy, share or post the plans to distribute.  Copying and distribution of the plans found on this site is strictly prohibited without written consent from me.

What is the skill level needed to make these plans?
I tried to keep them pretty basic.  If you can measure and cut a straight line you should be able to make these toys

Do you sell toys that are made?
Yes.  It is not common because of the time that it takes to make them.  You can request quotes and lead times for items through email at bqanderson@gmail.com.

How can I get a paper copy of the plans?
You can order them through the mail.  You can find the order form here. I encourage the digital download because it is easier to keep track of and there really is not a risk of losing part of the plan.  The plans will be sent to your email.

Why are some of the parts full size and some are scaled?
There really is no value in having a full size print of simple parts especially if they require a different paper size.  I have purchased plans that were printed on 30"x36" paper so that all parts are full sized.  It is a pain trying to copy the couple of parts that need to be traced.  Most of my plans can be printed on 8.5"x11" paper.  This saves you money and storage in the long run.

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