Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tales of family and pay back

Here are the stories as they were recieved:
Laurel Price:

Well I think that the blocks deserve to stay in the Price Family. After all Katie was a Price.  She has several Price siblings and cousins. One of which is her cousin Sam in South Carolina.  Sam and his beautiful wife Cheryl are expecting their very first baby.  The due date is very close to their 6th anniversary in August.  All Price kids love to play with blocks.  Just think of the stories and construction projects they can make up with blocks from their Cousins Brad and Katie.  Their little one can exchange videos and pictures with their second cousins thus keeping the family connection strong.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Jacqueline Pineda
Why I deserve these blocks:

I love wood.
My kids love wood.
My kids love building things.
My kids don't throw toys, so my house is safe with blocks.
We don't have blocks.
All the kids that come over to play would enjoy them.
I haven't seen Brad in forever and lets face it- this would be a great excuse to see him again.
Cause I'm awesome.

and lastly, ( here is my great story) these blocks would be a great payback. This is a true story.

Once upon a time, there were a group of awesome college girls that loved hanging out. It was getting close to Valentine's Day and they wanted to do something special for the guys in their group. So on the eve of Valentine's Day they gathered at ( we'll call them Kim and Michelle) one of their homes. They spent hours cutting out hearts of many sizes, creating poems for each guy, and baking and decorating cupcakes. By the end of the night, they had cut 3600 hearts for nine guys.

After getting everything into a van, the girls spent the night driving from house to house, quietly sneaking around the front lawn and cars, giving each guy a "heart attack". Many of the hearts were on sticks and they planted them in the lawn. Others they taped to the car and house windows. It was hard not to giggle and get caught.  They left the cupcakes ( wrapped up so bugs wouldn't get them) on the car and hung up their poems by the door. Once, a late night walker stopped and asked them what they were doing, wondering if he needed to call the police. Some of the girls freaked out a little, but they were able to pull it off without incident. It was a great night.

The next morning while at the institute, they had many inquiries as to what they were doing the night before, but they never confessed. They only admitted to having a study group the night before. One of the guys had even woken up late for school and had driven to school with the hearts still on his car! It was a fun night for the girls, and even greater that the guys never really knew the whole truth as to who was involved. 

Mark Yote
I have learned that it is a lot more rewarding to see a smile on a child's face than it is to be paid for a talent one possesses.  If these blocks are awarded to me they will be donated to a local charity

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