Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little power tool crazy?

So I was walking around Lowe's the other day and came across this. 
REALLY? I am definitely in the class of power tools, but seriously this takes it to a whole new level.  I honestly could not tell you how to safely operate this sharpener when it is chucked in a drill. If anything is out of alignment or catches, the pencil or the sharpener  breaks or the drill is twisting out of my hand.
So here are my opinions on the power tool and hand tool note.  I am completely power tool.  I am too impatient and not that detail oriented to use hand tools.  I put my kids crib together with a drill even though the box said no tools needed.  That being said I still expect people to know how to use some hand tools.  It scares me that some people do not know how to use a hammer.  There really is no replacement for a hammer.  A screw driver is another important hand tool to use.  I know all the bits and more can be put on a cordless drill but sometimes that is too much power.  I will not use the cordless drill on changing switch plates and electrical work. Being able to use a hand saw is a must.  Not that it can not be done by a power tool but just for the feel of it.  That is the extent of my hand tool knowledge.
I do own other hand tools.  I have my Grandfather's plane set and he has several planes.  None of them in great condition, but I could not tell you how to use them or how to maintain them.  I have a set of chisels.  I use these to mainly scrap of glue.  I have several hand saws.  I can use them and do use them for rough cutting.  I do not know how to sharpen them and they do need a good sharpening.
The other day I was talking to a coworker about wood working joints.  He has been doing butt joints and wanted to do something with a little more strength and looks better.  He wanted to know the investment and equipment needed.  I went right into biscuit joints, lap and dado joints and dove tails.  Each of these methods has a machine associated with them in my mind and all were out of what he wanted to spend.  Then he asked if there was a hand tool or something like that.  I told him there was but I know nothing about hand tools.  It is more practice and time that I am willing to put in.  I have a deep respect to those individuals who make wood projects from hand tools. They truly are artists in their own right.