Sunday, January 16, 2011

One scroll saw project

I had two major scroll saw projects I wanted to do last year .  Both of them are puzzles because I thought this was the best way to learn how to use a scroll saw.  One is finally complete, minus the base.  This one is the safari.  The pattern came out of the Wood Magazine.  A while back I purchased some board feet of exotic wood.  It was for these two scroll saw projects.  Here are the pictures.

Zebra and giraffe
Tree and rhino
Lion and elephant
There were some things I learned from this experience.  All I could do is learn because I am new with this tool.  There are several different saw blades for the scroll saw and I used what was the standard blade #5.  after cutting most of the parts out I finally read the instructions and it said to use a #2 blade which is much thinner. I broke several of these blades and went back to a #5. 
Making the two different woods fit together (the trees and mountains), they are  first double sided taped together and cut out together.  Two things can happen with this method:  First the tape does not hold and parts shift during cutting. The second is that the wood can be forced so hard into the blade that bends inside the wood and the parts do fit together.  I had both happen.
The nice thing about a puzzle is that it was had to screw up but I managed to do this several times.
They came together well, just took longer than I expected.  I think I could complete one in a day but it does take a lot of focus. The scroll saw was also time filler projects. I would work on them an hour here and there to work on these projects. 

On a side note, I mentioned I would like to share the wooden toy I have made with out giving them away.  My wife and I have talked about opening our house up every fifth Saturday for kids to come and play with the toys at our house.  We are going to try for January 29th from 11:00-1:00.  We have a 6 kid limit and we will provide lunch - pizza.  We will not provide transportation.  Please e-mail me your child's name and they will be put in a hat for a drawing.  Drawing will be held on Saturday January 22.  Think of it as free baby sitting.

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