Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Chest of Drawers

I just finished the baby furniture to complete the kits room last weekend.  I have all ready talked about the bookshelves so I will not bore you with the details of the project.  The chest of drawers was a fun simple project.  I cannot say I am pleased with the finish because I rushed through it but the joinery is fantastic.  I modeled the frame and carcass attachment after what we are moving towards at work.  I used a ½” deep groove to locate the side panels.  I am amazed how much stronger the face frame joint is.  I didn’t even use mechanical fasteners to attach the sides.  In fact the only mechanical fasteners used on this project were:
·         Pocket screws to attach the rails of the face frame to the stiles.
·         Screws for drawer front to drawer box attachment
·         Top to carcass
·         I had no choice to use screws to attach the glides
The carcass I used a stringer method.  It basically is connecting the side panels by running strips of wood between them.  Let’s face it, there is no need for a bottom panel in a chest of drawers.  By itself it is not very strong but when the face frame is added everything squared up nicely.  I had more problems with keeping the drawer boxes square then the carcass.
Drawer boxes are out of cabinet grade birch plywood.  Everything else is out of solid pine.  I attempted to make all the drawer boxes universal and I was good until I put the drawer fronts on.  I was less than a 1/16” off in my spacing so the top drawer does not interchange with the bottom.  So close but I was with in my tolerance.
My wife and I determined we would not add hardware to open the drawers easier.  We all ready have one climber and we don’t need another climbing wall.  We can open the drawers just fine without hardware.  A lot of it is due to the full extension ball bearing glides.  As I was moving it into his room Kyle had fun climbing on the face frame and sitting in the carcass.  It made it very hard to make sure it fit in the closet.  Katie had a few good laughs at the process.

The edit feature in blogger distorted the picture but this is the unit.
No bottom panel but the face frame is deep encapsulated.  Love this design feature

Full extension ball bearing glides.  Drawers come out a full 14" with a 100 pound load rating. We did put Kyle in a drawer.
When I was finishing it a neighbor came over and asked if I made it.  I told her I did and discussed a little about woodworking.  She asked if I would sell it and for how much.  I said I couldn't because this one is for a babies room.  I told her if I would sell it for $150.  That was actually a really good deal considering how much the drawer glides cost (I got a good deal on them).  We now have a six drawer plastic unit.  does any one want it?  Please pick it up.

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