Saturday, August 25, 2012

IWF International Woodworking Fair

One of the perks of working with a cabinet manufacturer is being able to go to a couple of woodworking shows.  This year I was able to go to IWF in Atlanta, Georgia.  This is the largest wood working fair in the world and hosts exhibitors from the person selling an idea to the established large scale machine manufacturers. In addition to hardware, wood mills, tools, lumber and anything else pertaining to the woodworking industry.

Before I get into the show I am going to rant on airlines for a second.  Now it is not their fault that the person in front of me constantly hits his head against the back of the seat like he is fluffing up his pillow.  No matter how hard you try there really is not a comfortable way to sit in coach.  So, please, stop smacking your seat so hard that you are hit me in the head while I am trying to read a book on the tray.  To the guy behind me, no matter how much and hard you dig your knees into the back of the seat I cannot move forward or I will be knocked out by the guy pulverizing his headrest.

Airlines, you have a gauge that measures carry-on luggage, please use it and enforce it.  Two carry on pieces should not fill up an overhead bin.  If the piece of luggage, no matter how it is turned, makes it so the door does not close it is too big.  I carry on a back pack that is it.  To be asked to put it under my seat so that some one else can put their over sized carry on and their "personal" item up there is a little annoying.

I know that I have some experience in process flow.  I don't know whose brilliant idea was the number loading groups but they missed one key part: Fill the window seats first then move to the aisles.  It makes no sense to fill the aisles first so that everyone has to climb over them.  Yes this is who the loading groups work: aisle first then window.

Now onto the the fair.  It was a lot of fun and there were several companies I work with there.  It was nice to be able to put a face to the name.  The other interesting part was how well known, for good and evil, the company I was representing was.  About 80% of the booths I visited knew some one in the company and had worked with them.  We had some interesting conversations and talked about different ways we could accomplish tasks.

The other fun part of the show was meeting with vendors before and after the show.  It was nice to get to know them outside of the work setting.  Some of them are a lot different outside of work. 

Then of course there are the freebies.  I brought my kids home several souvenirs.  I had a lot of fun the three days I was there.  I hope to go next year to the one in Vegas.

Finally, since no one knows anyone who would like a bucket of blocks I will donate to a children's group.

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