Saturday, September 7, 2013

Random Thoughts and Projects

Here are a couple of weekend projects I finished some time ago.  The first is a step stool. It does not look like much but it was designed by my grandfather.  We found the pieces and the pattern while cleaning out the garage after my grandmother passed away.  It is the only pattern that I have heard was found.  I have copied a couple of other projects of his but no plans have ever surfaced.
 It works great and is very sturdy.  The nice thing and bad thing is, the kids can carry it.  So overnight they grew 18".

The second is called a safety cupboard.  This is where all the safety equipment is supposed to go.  I cleaned it to take the picture.  I still need to put the hooks in to hold everything on the peg board but it still functions to keep the dust off of the safety equipment when not being used.  The main piece is the respirator.  It is not fun to have dust accumulate in the mask and then put it on.
The cabinet is made completely out of scrap.  One thing that I did on purpose is to put a melamine door on the front.  The reason for this is the door can now be used as a sketch pad.  Pencil will wipe off with a damp rag.

So the one thing that I do not have in it that I should is a first aid kit.  I have them inside the house and in the car but not one at my disposal in the garage.  I am going to go into a little bit of specifics on the first aid kit that I want in the garage.
  • Random selection of band-aids.  This is pretty self explanatory.
  • Good set of tweezers.  Splinters need to be dealt with quickly or they get forgotten about and infected.
  • X-acto knife or hobby knife.  This has a sharper point than a utility knife and can cut skin.  My mother dug out splinters with a pin or needle.  This is effective but when digging it tears skin instead of cuts it.
  • Gauze bandages, large. If it is not a small cut it is a large one.  
  • Gauze wrap.  I hate the tape on skin and hair.
  • Medical tape.  Something has to hold the gauze wrap in place.
  • Anti-bacterial ointment.  Another thing that is self explanatory.
  • A trauma pad.  I hope to never have to use this.  It is a pad for lots of blood. From what I understand a super absorbent maxi pad is the best, but I know nothing about feminine products.
I have been lucky.  I have had my fair share of splinters and minor cuts, but nothing too serious.  I have had sawdust lodge itself in my eye, I was wearing safety glasses.  And I nicked my finger with a router bit.  It did more damage to the nail than the finger and this was completely my ignorance and poor setup.  I am in no way putting off respecting the safety and rules of the equipment.  This is why my injuries have been minimal.  I make toys and they have a lot of small parts.  I will sacrifice clamps and scrap wood before I risk a body part.

I do not really complain about the weather in California.  Let's face it, in the middle of winter we have the Rose Parade and it is gorgeous outside while most of the US is is covered in snow. This past weekend was extremely humid and hot.  I made it a point to stay hydrated.  It is really easy to get to  really focused on what you are doing and forget to hydrate - water is the best and soda does nothing.  Heat stroke and dehydration are not fun and the affect can last for days.  Please know your body's limits and not to push too hard.

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