Monday, January 5, 2015

The Ornament Nativity

So this year I made ornaments that had the same design as the boxes I did last year.  This was still a pattern with a lot of detail.  I was kind of rushed to do them because I put it off till the last minute.  They turned out nice, I am not so sure I like the ribbon on them.

There is one great lesson I learned from this project.  To preface, last year I learned that painter's tape between the wood and  the pattern makes the pattern come of cleaner and easier.  This year, I learned that if I put packing tape over the pattern, the pattern does not peel away from the wood when it is being cut.  Supposedly it prevents the wood from burning, but it kept the pattern from vibrating while being cut. 

Not sure what to do next year.  I do not think that I will be able to out do the past couple of years.

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  1. With a year to think about it I am sure you will think of an awesome project!