Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tow Truck

This is my wife's favorite.  There are some features of this truck that may seem insignificant but there was a lot of thought that went into them.  The first was the cuts in the arm for the hook.  This also proved to be a failure by design.  There are splits in the arm to make it bend when being put in so that the fit would be tight.  The negative space in the arm was too close to the hook that it broke when putting the dowel in.  I ended up clamping the base of the arm to provide the rigidity needed to insert the dowel.  The next design will have less negative space but I still recommend clamping the splits together.
The other design feature is the dowel that is inserted at the base of the hook.  Tow truck designs either have a metal hook or the hook breaks at the base.  I have repaired several so I hope this works.

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