Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sanding Table

I have been wanting to build a cabinet for my belt sanders that would hold all the toy making parts, wheels, axles, and other things as well as my sanding supplies.  These parts were stored in several cabinets and on shelves.  I had separated the toy parts with containers and it worked but was not really happy with it.  So over the holiday weekend I put this cabinet all together.  I had cut out all the carcass components and made the frames the weekend before.

I had two storage goals that I wanted to accomplish with this cart.  The first was to store all the sand paper.  My belts and paper were just sitting on shelves. I wanted to hang my belts, keep the paper flat and my drum sanders out of reach of my kids.  They liked to take them and use them as wheels.  I made a pull out drawer where I can hang my large belts.  In the future, I would like to upgrade to a 6" x 48" wide belt, so this drawer can accommodate the increase in width and length.  On the other side of the drawer holds some of my small templates and all my drum sander parts.  This way I hope to keep better control of the parts.  I then have pads and smaller belts in a drawer

The second goal was to organize and store all the parts for making toys.  I have accumulated a lot over the years.You can sort of tell that I like the treaded wheels and have a lot of them.  It is also apparent that I need to order more of the 1 1/2" wheels.  This is one of the benefits of having everything separated out.

The other benefit was getting rid of all these extra containers.
There are some drawers that I did not show.  They contain my finishing chemicals and supplies.  They were not in an area easily accessable to my kids but I did want them out of sight.
Over all I removed three pieces of furniture with this cart.  Shop looks a little better, still a ways to go.

The design was a work in process over the course of the build and I made some assumptions that bit me later in the build.  The dimensions and over all look was pretty set.  The first big assumption I made was that I had enough tolerance to grow my partition back 3/4" for my small drawers.  I had to cut my large drawers to accommodate the partition.  More of a pain than a problem.  Second problem was that I did not allow enough room for the glides on the sanding belt drawer.  I was able to barely squeeze the drawer in.  I think I have less than a 1/32" between the bottom and the glides. 

I do plan on adding doors to finish it off.  I did not have wide enough stock to do them at the time.  I do not plan on finishing it.  I really do not see the point of finishing shop furniture.   The top is a kitchen island top from work.  This is one of the perks of working at a cabinet shop.  It is not food grade so could not be sold.  Everything else is maple and plywood.

It was a good weekend build.  The only bad part was that I started to notice that the board would drift when ripping on my table saw.  The problem was easy to diagnose, my fence and blade are not parallel.  It is a relatively easy adjustment except there is no more adjustment in the fence which means the motor is moving on the table.  I was hoping for a few more years before my saw needed to be replaced and replace it with a cabinet saw.  I am hoping to dig in this weekend to straighten it out. 

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