Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Belly Trailer

So I was sick over the weekend which gave me time to assemble the toys I put finish on.  This is the belly trailer that goes with the semi truck cab plan. 

It is amazing what I learned as I built the trailer.  Things look like they will work great in the 3D design but when the actual parts come together there were problems that I did not think about.
First was the holder for the doors.  In the design the piece with the groove had plenty of glue bond to support the constant opening and closing of the doors.  When I made the part, I realized there was no way this part was going to hold up.  The easy fix was to add small support pieces to the edges to allow more glue bond and add the needed support.

 The doors have two dowels to hold the doors in the groove so a parent doesn't have to continually put the doors back in when a child pulls them out.  These have to be put in after it is finished.  I didn't think that it was going to be a huge deal until I tried.  There is not enough room in the trailer to accommodate a hand to hold the peg and a hammer.  The solution is simple enough.  If the edge of the dowel is rounded it can be pushed in enough to hold it in place while it can be set with in with a hammer using a small piece of 3/8" dowel as an extension.

Fun little project and made me do a couple of angle cuts that I do not like to do.  My favorite part of this project was figuring out the design.

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