Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Old Tradition Revised

When I was young, my parents took the Christmas tree and hung it from the ceiling.  It sounds odd but it was very practical.  How many stories are there on social media of kids and pets knocking over the Christmas tree.  This tree hung the fragile ornaments and some of the handmade ones collected over the years.  Now with toddlers of my own, I want to have ornaments on the tree without the fear of some of the more fragile ones being broken.
The hanging tree was not really feasible in my place so the next option was to make a hanging tree.  The objective was to have a place to hang the fragile ornaments that we as a family are collecting through our adventures.  The wood is bass wood so that I can put pins in it and gives a nice display piece that can be hung on the wall.  I made two because there are only going to be more family adventures.
 The other piece that is almost completed is the display case for the nativity keys.  I have been asked how I am going to display these keys.  Well this is how. 
 It is is a walnut frame that has the saying "For unto you is born this day a Savior which is Christ the Lord".  I like how it came out.  Glad I did it.  Sorry, I don't have more detail pictures on the lettering.  They came out blurry.

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