Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mini Cars

I was looking through my cut off pile and noticed I had a lot of random species of wood about 3" wide.  I really wanted to reduce the amount of wood in this cart so these cars were a result of my off cuts.  These cars are designed to be a weekend projects and simple.  The wheels are 7/8" diameter so I cannot donate them due to a choking hazard.  The wheels come with an 1/8" hole.  I did increase the hole size to 3/16" for a stronger axle. The goal of this project was to use up scrap and to fit one car plan on an 8.5x11piece of paper.  I am not going to do a complete assembly or material list with these.  I think the design is simple enough to just go over the basics.
Sports Car


Fire Truck
Box Truck

When I do it again, I would probably not cut out the wheel wells.  I would drill them out after assembly.  It was a good project and the kids are already fighting over them.  Probably should have made 3 sets so each could have one.

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