Monday, March 20, 2017

A Couple More Puzzles

This month's challenge in the woodworking club was to cut out a puzzle.  Kyle took my puzzle book and highlighted just about every puzzle for me to cut out.  Most were just pictures of some pretty intricate designs.  I made copies of two to cut out.  One was of a stack of cats and the other was a wizard. My oldest is into Harry Potter and wanted to make it a mix of Harry and Dumbledore.  What you get is the reason I do not paint my projects.  I cut it out and as a family we painted it.  we each picked a color and painted different pieces.  The youngest (3) did the best job painting.  The puzzle is not bad. but it did not look good plain.

 If anyone knows me, they know that I do not like cats.  Obviously I did no pick the puzzle out.  This one I stained different colors making it not child safe.  The colors came out ok.  I probably should have put a second coat of stain.  Not a bad project. 
It was nice just to get out and do a couple hour projects.

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