Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Grasshopper or Cricket

In "Making Heirloom Toys" it is called a grasshopper but I called it a cricket and I don't remember what I called it last. This is what I though I was going to be making for Nora (See ferry post below) but her sister Sara wanted it. It is an interesting toy that can pretty much be made out of scrap. In this case it was poplar. The hardest part about the grasshopper was the eyes. It is 3/4" dowel that should be rounded on a lathe. I don't have one so I used a drill press.

When I make more I will not be putting on the antennas because it is not easy finding glue that attaches plastic to wood. I found some model glue but I don't trust it. The antennas present a severe choking hazard if they come off. I will be making more because they come from scrap lumber and they will make great presents

This was also where I learned how to make my own wheels. Purchased wheels are still easier and better to use. To make the wheels I used a hole saw in a drill press. Then put the cut circles on a bolt and secured it using a wing nut. The bolt was then attached to the drill press and I could sand the wheel smooth. I had to do this for the back wheels because they are not a standard size.

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