Friday, September 18, 2009

Pictures for the Poll

I was was told that I needed pictures for my poll on the left so here they are:
1. tolly car
2. vintage truck
3. fire truck (sorry the picture didn't come out well. It is in the upper left corner)
4. helicopter
5. the backhoe - I don't have a picture because it is coming out in the next issue of Wood Magizine. For those of you who have seen my crane, it is the the matching piece

I am disappointed that I can not see who voted for what on my poll. I guess that is how it works. If you would like me to let me know I would be grateful. I am not one for guessing.


  1. boo for Dana!!! I wasn't going to make the fire truck hence the horrible photo. It is actually growing on me now that I have started it.