Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Excavator

I was a little excited when I received the tracking update that my wheels had arrived at my house. My wife had other plans with my package that arrived. by the time that I arrived home she had opened it and hid the contents some where in the house. She thought it was great that she didn't have to go shopping for Christmas, packages just arrive. I told her that I had ordered wheels to finish this project. With a little coaxing she divulged the hiding place of the parts. Tonight my son and I finished this project by putting on the wheels. My son does not like the drill yet. I think it was a little to heavy for him.

This project came from the wood magazine. It is a companion to the wood crane that came out last year. I built that earlier so I was excited to see the excavator in the previous issue of Wood Magazine. The parts were actually stuff that I could buy from the hardware store except for the wheels and pegs. and it was easy to make. The only issue I had with the crane and excavator was that it was made out of 6/4 and 2/4 material which is a lot of planing and glue ups.

Both are made out of birch and walnut. The expensive part of these projects was the hardware but well worth it.

This project is where I learned how to make tight movable joints. My son had fun with it once it was completed


  1. I can't even imagine that it is as beautiful as the crane is. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. I love how Kyle has slobber all down his shirt. I don't understand why you couldn't wait until Christmas morning. JK!
    It really is beautiful.

  3. I like how Kyles pants are sooo long that they fold under him. Mom this is one of the outfits that you got for him.

  4. I like how Kyle is looking up at his Daddy with such love!! I can tell he can't wait to help you build toys.

    BTW, The excavator is very cool!!