Friday, January 8, 2010

What to do with Scrap

I was reading on one of the woodworking forums I follow about scrap and what people do with it. This person posted a picture of is "scrap pile" which was two 5-gallon buckets and said he gives his scrap to some neighbors who have fire places. I was surprised how large some of his scrap pieces were. Some of the pieces would make some decent projects. This prompted me to share what I do with my scrap.
When I start a project I will usually have an empty bucket to put my off fall. This way I have all the scrap from the same project and if I need a setup block or need to test a set up I know that it is the same thickness or from the same board. After the project is over I go through the bucket and pieces that I can reuse get put back in the wood pile. Pieces that are too small or unusable are thrown in the fire wood pile. The rest is made into wood blocks. Every so often I clean out the wood pile and make more blocks out of wood that I realize I will never be able to use. When I have a sufficient pile of blocks I give them away to friends or family. I am running low on friends and family so I will probably be giving them to a local charity. Granted it is not the best set in the world. They are all different sizes and shapes but there are many types of wood. Kids still have fun with blocks even if they don't make the perfect castle.
I know that hardwood makes a good fire but I hope that this will at least will get others to do the same.

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