Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week Five

I cannot say that I accomplished a lot this week. I have sort of been side tracked on a couple of other projects. In class I have access to a lathe and I really need to get some parts done in order to make some future projects. However I did have a chance to do some of the detail work on my projects.
This week I have learned that I cannot count. I am short one axle holder and two steps. Oh well, I should be able to make those pretty quick. The projects are starting to come together nicely. I am happy the way they are turning out. I have learned that my father's tape measure is off 1/8" in the positive (better in the positive than in the negative). His response is that I should have been using that tape measure though out the entire project. An eighth of a inch is enough to throw off the entire yield of a board and because I am making toys I also use a ruler. This is the reason some of my parts are a little big.
If you have not been able to figure out what I am making the pictures should give it away. I do not have the trailer in the picture for two reasons: I have not changed it since last week and it is 21" long.
Last week I had some one in class come up to me and tell me that a true woodworker does not use nails. This week another classmate asked if I sold my toys because she would like to buy one. We shall see.
I also learned something this week talking to a coworker about lathes and turning projects. His specialty is the lathe and asking about turning and he offered to give me some wood. I politely declined but he insisted. He purchases turning blanks online and the company uses wood as packing material and it was too small for him to use. (This is where I received the wood for the helicopter.) He said Wood workers give each other wood that they cannot use. So he gave me a chunk of spalted huckberry and cypress. He also offered to lend me his turning chisels because the school ones are not that great. Next week I hope to have some turnings done.


  1. Your projects are looking great, Brad! Have you heard of Etsy? It's a place on the web for selling and buying homemade items. You might want to try it.

  2. I have looked at it and thought about trying it out. I guess I am a little sceptical about the money transfer stuff