Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week Seven

It is finished, sort of. The flat bed truck for this purpose is complete. I will not be showing this truck again until I clear coat finish it and add the wheels. The only parts that are missing are the air filters, bumper, and head lights.The other projects are coming along. It is more detail work and there is not much to show.

I did more on my wood dowels. It was kind of fun and chips of wood were flying everywhere. These turnings are pretty much complete. I have to cut them to size still and I need to check to make sure the diameters are correct. The thick plain looking dowel is complete. It is three inches in diameter and I have to cut it to size for the few projects that I am making with it. The other two are not candle sticks, but I will keep you guessing. (The candlesticks are the ones on the right. They look the same) I was unable to do any of the face turnings so I don't have anything to report.

The lesson for the week is make sure the tools are sharp. My coworker does a lot of lathe work so when he found out what I was doing he offered to let me borrow some of his chisels. There is a lot of responsibility when borrowing some ones tools because of the fear of damaging or destroying them. Well, he did lend them to me. It was amazing how much easier and cleaner sharp tools cut through the wood. Fortunately for me, my coworker also likes sharpening them too. I guess I need to sharpen some of my hand tools.

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  1. I love the truck! If you sell it, you are going to have to make me another one!
    (The word I had to put in was stainme. That was funny.)