Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the model T series

Here are the model T cars/trucks. There are three in the series and they were a a lot of fun to build. They are larger than I had originally thought. The tanker truck is about 8 inches long. bodies are made out of poplar and the fenders are made out of random other species of wood. One complete set is made with walnut fenders. Walnut is the dark wood.

I know I swore I would never make wheels again, well I made these wheels. Out of all the things that could be a choking hazard I think the wheels concern me the most. The headlamps have at least 3/8 inch of glue bond but the wheels are only 3/8 of an inch and they are over two inches in diameter. I fear they may break. They were not too bad to make. I think it was largely due to the fact that I just purchased new hole saws

I had to turn the tank because dowel does not come in that large. They suggested to use a wood rolling pin if a lathe was not available. Good thing I was able to use a lathe. The cabs were the hardest part but once I had the blocks cut to size it was all about laying out lines a drilling holes and using the band saw. Sanding was the hardest part It was a fun project. I might make more if time permits.

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  1. When did you buy new hole saws? Have I told you that I really love walnut?