Friday, May 28, 2010

More blocks

It has been a tough week, but I have another bucket of blocks to give away.  I am going to put down a few new rules for this give away.  First I am not going to have people guess the number of blocks because I have already done that.  Second the contest will last two weeks.  Everyone will have two guesses, one per week.  I wouldn't want you to put both guesses down and then be boxed in.  No taking back guesses, once it is posted it sticks.  Third if you all ready have a set of scrap blocks please don't try for another.  Fourth these are for kids so if you don't have kids to play with them why do you really want a box of blocks to take up space?  I am going to condition this rule: this could be grand kids, cousins, nieces, nephews, or kids.  I really don't want toys I make to sit on a shelf as a display.

So here it is.  Last time there there was 102 blocks.  How many TRIANGLES are in this bucket (it is the same bucket as last time just different blocks).  Here are a couple of hints:

These are not triangles
This is a triangle

Second hint: there is at least one triangle in the bucket and I wouldn't guess more than 102.

Happy guessing and I will mail if needed.


  1. did I already send in a guess? I guess 40 blocks. If I haven't already guesed.