Thursday, June 17, 2010

The microwaves saves me again

I have a couple of projects in queue that people would like me to build for them.  It is nice to see that people appreciate the work I do.  I hope to complete my current projects before I start on the others however time will tell.  This past weekend I was working on the trains and I glued the cab on the chassis completely crooked.  I was completely upset and then my wife said "Why don't you microwave it?"  45 seconds in the microwave and the parts came a part with a little TLC.  I think this is my new favorite trick.

The other story of my life is that I am trying to earn enough money for a band saw.  I need re saw capabilities and be able to cut gradual curves for some toys.  This is one of the main reasons I am selling my toys.  I know which band saw I want and I am about half way there.  Well my wife through in an interesting twist.  I now have to make room in my parents garage for this band saw.  Most of my tools are at my parents because I only have a single car garage.  I had just cleaned out may parents garage and had plenty of room for a couple of tools.  Then my father found an excellent deal on a hybrid table saw and bought it.  I would have done the same.  However I have no more room in the garage until some of the stuff that was not planned to be in the garages is moved out. 

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