Sunday, November 20, 2011


I try to make all my toys with a child safe finish.  In other words if it goes in the mouth it is OK.  Details of my finishes are on the right side of the blog.  This also goes for the wood.  I learned something about my finishes last week.  All of my blocks I put on a coat of mineral oil.  I buy it at Ikea and it is found in the kitchenware section as a wood cutting board oil.  I am really close to running out so I needed to buy more.  I do not live near and Ikea and I heard that I can pick mineral oil up at Walmart.  So I tried and could not find it in housewares.  I asked, I know a guy asking for help is unheard of.  They directed me to the personal hygene section.  I found it on the bottom shelf as a laxative.  I was disturbed.  I hope that I have not turned any one away because I coat the blocks in a natural bowel lubricating oil.  This is pure mineral oil with no fragrances.  If you put a fragrance or other additive it is called baby oil.  It is completely harmless and it is food grade.  So if you are disturbed by this, oh well.

On another note, I am going to try a new finish on the blocks if I can ever get it made.  It is mineral oil with beeswax melted into it.  It makes the mineral oil more of a paste which makes it a little more friendly to use with a toddler running around trying to dump, drink, squirt, or whatever toddlers to with a bottle of stuff.  The problem is the beeswax, it is expensive and not easy to find.  I found it at Micheal's but for $18 a pound.  thank goodness for coupons.

I know it has been a while since I have given away a bucket of blocks.  I have a lot.  I think I am close to three buckets full of unfinished blocks.  I hope to finish them before the Christmas season to give away to families that may be struggling.

Projects are coming along.  I don't know if I will have any finished before the holidays.

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