Thursday, November 24, 2011

Twirly Rolling Thingy

Yes that it what it was called.  It was originally designed for my wife's classroom but the district rules stated that every classroom had to have the same furniture so it was never used for what it was designed for.  It was a fantastic design (yes it is one of mine).  There is no unused space.  Two sides will hold books, baskets, toys, or other things.  The other two sides were made as a magazine holder.  The entire thing is on wheels and a lazy suzan so it rolls and spins.  This is the project that started me on my path of pattern making.  This is about a 5 year old project but felt like sharing.

On a side note.  I will not be adding beeswax to my finish.  I was doing some research on the matter and a beekeeper would not suggest using beeswax for the same reason one does not give honey to an infant.  It contains the same pollen and bacteria that honey has. 

I have also been doing some cleaning.  I found several sets of 14" ball bearing glides.  I do have a use for them and would like to get rid of them.  So here is what I am willing to do.  I can make two 4-drawer chest of drawers like the one I did earlier this year. Cost will be $100 per cabinet.  Let me give you a little comparison.  Ikea has a similar unit for the same price.  It is particle board with epoxy drawer glides and frame less.  This will be solid wood and ply wood ball bearing glides, framed and you will not have to put it together.  I will also let you decide the width of the cabinet (within reason).  The height and depth are all ready determined.  Sorry this is for locals or pick up only because it will not be easy to ship.  Please email me if you are interested.

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