Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wine Rack

This is a project that I know nothing about.  I was asked to build a wine rack.  Before this project I knew that wine had alcohol and came in glass bottles.  I know now that the cork needs to remain moist which is why wine is not stored upright.  I combined two different ideas and this is the design that came out.
The ideas came from these two websites.  I hope it works.  It held a bottle of Martinelli's and a cordless drill.  It will not hold my son's cup of milk.

This is what it would be used for at our house.

Interesting little project.  It took a weekend to build and is made of pine.  Toughest part was getting the profile on the sides of the boards.  The wood liked to chip out no matter how light the cut was.  I ended up back cutting the profile on the router first.  This is the run the board with the direction of the cutter.  This is risky because the router will like to grab pull and throw the piece.  I am please how it turned out.  Probably will not make another unless I am asked.  I will post my sketches of this when I scan them in.  This is my design you will be free to use it however you would like. My only request is that you do not sell the plans.  They will be offered free here.
 Yes this is a hand sketch.  I do do some of my designs on the computer.

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