Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Bulldozer

This is the third in the construction series.  I know I just finished it and there are three more still to do and another coming out in March.  This was a little bit of a challenge to make.  There are a lot of small parts.  Some of which I was scared to machine because they were so small.  Double stick tape was my friend in this project.  The bulldozer is symmetrical so there was a lot of duplicate parts.  Stick them together and do two parts in one pass.  The blade does lift and will scrape cheerios off the floor with out crushing them.  It is also very heavy.

From this project I learned to make sure I keep the plans close.  I was almost complete with it.  I needed to make one more part and dry fit it all together.  I could not find the plans anywhere.  I ended up having to buy the plans even though I already had them.  I still don't know where the original set is. 

On another side.  I still have one more bucket of blocks to give away.  If you would like them you need to be able to pick them up.  Email me, they are currently not at my residence.

I would like to also build a bed for my son.  So if any one would like me to make one for them please contact me for pricing.  It will be a twin with functioning drawers underneath.  If you wonder how I price my projects it is simple.  I double the cost of the lumber.  I make one for my family and one for someone else.  It is not a good business model but I am not in this to make money.

One more side note.  If anyone has an oscillating drum sander they are looking to sell, I am interested.  My drill press works but I am not a fan of the set up.

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