Monday, March 26, 2012

Bed part one

 Here is the bed frame.  I do not have the drawers completed yet but they are next.  It is actually turning out quite nice.  The entire bed will be able to be assembled and disassembled.  I am trying threaded inserts this time.  The two piece biscuits seemed to work last time but they seemed to come apart at assembly which made it difficult to assemble.  Screws and inserts will not come apart so easily.  I also made the drawer glide rails attach with screws.  The neat thing about this bed is I had to be extremely accurate.  If the holes did not line up it would not assemble.  Here are pictures of the dry assembly.  It went together perfectly.

This is the front of the bed
This is the drawer rail attachment.
End of the cabinet.  Sorry did not take a picture of the foot of the cabinet
 This bead will have some extremely deep drawers on full extension ball bearing glides.  I am excited to get this project finished.  Then I get to boot both kids into their own room.
The visible faces of the bead are pine (not going to make a maple bead for a couple of boys).  The inside is what ever I had that could be planed to the same thickness.  there is pine, beech and oak for some of the components.  If you would like the drawings they are located here.  Same rules apply for all my plans.  These are not for sale, use them as you like.

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