Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Manger

These have been complete for a short time.  This is a  project with no plans, just an idea.  I was asked to make some mangers for gifts.  It goes along with a story that I have not heard of.  From what I understand the idea is that the manger that Christ was laid in was filled with straw that was earned by doing kind deeds. 
The material is cedar fencing.  It is inexpensive and I can work with it.  Although this is a fairly simple project I did have a lot to learn from it.  First cedar fencing is very wet.  I think after being in the garage for a week it lost half its weight from drying out.  It felt like I was in a rain storm when I was cutting it.  Second is that I can not make a straight cut on a band saw with a warped board.  I use the table saw and was close.  Fencing also does not come with one side clean cut.  Fencing also comes in random thicknesses.  This made it hard to line parts up.  I did not want to plane it down because there is a rustic/rough look to fencing.  They came out well hope that the person who ordered them likes them.

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