Thursday, December 27, 2012

New puzzles and a new year

I finished a couple of new puzzles.The first is a motorcycle.  I realized is it is very hard to cut straight lines and oak is not my favorite to scroll saw with.  The blade is thin and oak does not have a very consistent density so the blade likes to bend.  This makes it so the puzzle does not come apart.  The first was in oak and it failed so this one is out of alder.

The second is a star that will never come apart because it will be a pain to put back together.  Each point is almost cut the same.  I had a hard time putting it together when I was cutting out each piece.

The last is a puzzle I made for my wife for Christmas.  Yes, she like pigs and I found the pattern off of the Internet.

This past year is one where I never had enough time.  I didn't get some of the things I wanted done and several unfinished projects still sit on the shelf.  However I never have enough time and there are always new projects that keep coming up.  I am satisfied with the things I was able to accomplish.  I have a couple of furniture pieces I love. My kids have not destroyed the bed yet, and they have tried.  I still have two may poles that I wanted to finish along with a couple of trucks and planes.  I love the construction equipment that I have made so far.  I just wish the kids were old enough so I do not have to worry about them destroying it when they play with it.

This year was a lot about puzzles.  I will be focusing on toys again in the future will a little bit of a twist.  I am looking to buy a lathe, not sure where I am going to put it.  So what does than mean, I am not going to be giving away as many toys this year and my prices will start to reflect labor.  I am thinking I will try the craft show route this year.  This should be a good year and at least I will learn a little about being in business.  If you would like to just donate to my lathe fund, check or cash is fine.

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