Friday, January 22, 2016

Lesson Told Now Learned

When I took over the sample shop at the company I currently work for, my first goal was to stock the department with the small tools that they needed so they were not waiting on each other.   One of the recommendations was more clamps.  I asked if they wanted more quick grips because they were faster to use and less cumbersome than the bar clamps.  I was told the quick grips do not have enough holding force for what was required.  I thought that was an interesting comment and tucked it away as a metal note.

Eighty percent of my clamps are quick grip style clamps.  They work just fine for making toys and I have large bar clamps (not quick grip style) for larger pieces.  I am currently working on my kids Valentine gifts.  I received a slab of 10/4 mahogany from a friend cleaning out their garage.  It was water damaged and I was not sure what it was used for so it will not be made into toys.  I figured I could do some through mortises on this project.  Sorry not saying what it is because my wife also does not know and it drives her nuts.  So I made template.  I realized why I do not do a lot of this joinery.  I even cheated and did the template on using CNC.  I cut out most of the material before using a flush trim bit to clean it out.  I started routing and the template moved.  Adjusted it back and made sure my quick grips were really tight and tried again.  It moved again.  I used my bigger quick grips that supposedly have more holding force.  It moved again.  Brought out my furniture screw type clamps.  This time it did not move.  Quick grip clamps are good but not for holding router templates.  The lesson learned a while ago now makes sense.  Looks like I need more clamps.

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