Monday, February 1, 2016

Step Stools or Time Out Chairs

So I got the step stools/time out chairs completed.  These are going to be for Valentine's gifts for my sons.  Each of them have there name carved into them.  I used a CNC for that part.  I was going to post pictures with their names but for internet safety I am posting the one I did with no name.  My wife may use this one for me.I used a CNC machine to make the template and engrave the names.  The rest was done by me and power tools.  This would be the first time I did through tenons.  I may not do them again.  It is not that they were difficult, I just did not like the look and when I screwed up, it is very noticeable.  I screwed up plenty.

The wood is maple and African mahogany.  It was the first time working with African mahogany.  If machines well with the gran but against the grain it behaves like a brittle poplar.  Stain is my go to shellac and I put on five coats.  I am a little worried about the step portion.  I never sanded the the top figuring the grain raise will provide traction. The step is about 8" from the ground and the total width is 12".  Fun quick build.

Now the question is what trouble can my boys reach now?

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