Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New sharpening system

I recently purchased the Tomek T8 sharpening system.  I knew my tools were dull and I hate sharpening.  Tormek offers several fixtures for easy set up and use, so it seemed like a good tool for me.  This is my major tool buy for the year.  I have used it to sharpen my chisels, plane blades and kitchen knives.  With the kitchen knives it did great.  Probably because they were the easiest to sharpen.  I have a cheap set of box store chisels.  They sharpened great also but I realized how cheap my chisels really were.  I cannot comment on the plane blades.  I don't know how they did.  I know nothing about how to set up a hand plan or how a properly tuned one feels.  I also don't know if the planes I was sharpening were any good.  They are very old and I have not checked for flatness or square.  It would not be fair for me to judge on something that I know nothing about.
As for the reviews.  Pretty much true.  It does do a good job sharpening,  The fixtures are accurate and relatively easy to set up.  However it is slow.  If one is experienced in hand sharpening they are probably faster and better at it than the Tormek can do.  For me, I hate sharpening and will wait until the last minute to resharpen a tool so it is good for me.

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