Thursday, June 30, 2016

Two Tools

I was thinking about my tool collection and what tools were game changers for me.  I narrowed it down to two.
The first is the scroll saw.

I originally purchased the scroll saw to do my large nativity.  However my first attempt at using the scroll saw were not very successful.  I have now learned more and use more of the capabilities of this piece of equipment.  There are a few reasons for this tool to on the top tool choices for making toys.  The main reason is safety.  This is a tool that I can get my fingers close to the blade and not worry about serious injury.  Toys have small parts and they are easily cut on the scroll saw.  With the correct blade sanding is minimal on the cut surfaces.  The scroll saw can cut both tight curves and inside a part.  It has opened up several projects that would not be available to me otherwise like puzzles, ornaments, and fretwork. 

The second tool that has proved to be a game changer was the air brush.  I do not use the air brush to its potential.  I use it only to finish projects.  I still remember the days where I had a set of small paint brushes to finish a project.  It was time consuming and labor intensive.  It is now a lot quicker and I can finish more at a time.  My finishing has also become more consistent.

The next area I am going to dabble in is hand tools.  I feel the hand tools will be an asset in cleaning up grooves and saw marks.  First I need to learn how to sharpen them first.  It should be a fun adventure. 

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