Friday, January 6, 2012

Fire Starters

I tend to make a lot of sawdust when working with wood.  Most of it goes in the trash. I found an article in a recent wood magazine on what to do with the saw dust.  One of the ideas is to make fire starters.  They suggested using muffin paper liners I had a couple of egg cartons so that is what I used.  I had just done a lot of planing so I used those shavings because they were bigger and they were pine (hard wood would burn hotter and slower though). I melted a box of paraffin wax.  This is done by putting it in a can and then putting the can in boiling water.  Poured about 2/3 of the wax over about 8 cups of shavings and mixed.  Then packed the egg cartons while the wax was still warm.  Then evenly dumped the rest of the wax over the top of the packed shavings.  It yielded about 2 dozen and they work fantastic for starting charcoal in a chimney.  If you would like some, I need a box of paraffin wax and two egg cartons.

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