Monday, January 2, 2012

Year End

Another year comes to a close and looking back at it all, I accomplished nothing that I set out to do this year.  I was sidetracked.  All very good projects.  My goal was to finish the alien nativity.  It is not quite complete.  Last piece is minor but still I want to complete the project.  I also wanted to do the entire book of Marvelous Transforming Toys.  I didn't even start it except for buying a piece of wood.  However this year was very good to me.  I purchased some new plans and was able to complete some of them.  I made a really nice heirloom doll cradle.  I still have two to complete. I have a couple more construction toys to make form the construction series.  I am also excited that I was able to pick up some business this past year and it is carrying on into this year.  Now my only problem is that My belt sander decided to die on me today.  I hope it is only a switch and can be replaced.

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