Tuesday, May 26, 2015

City Trucks Redesign

So I finished the redesign of the city trucks.  I think they turned out a lot better.  Plans will be available on Etsy in the new future for these projects.  I will also be selling the redesign models.  I made these out of oak. 
The Flat Bed Truck

The first thing that  I did was increase the wheel base.  I did this by grooving the side panels and increasing the width of the chassis.  This pushes the wheels to the out on the side side so they do not look so small on the truck.  I also shortened up the bed.  The stakes in the stake bed are now 3/8" instead of 1/4".  I just thought 1/4" was a little too thin for rough play.

The Tow Truck

Similar changes to the flat bed truck.  The wheel base is widened pushing the wheels to the outside.  The tow arm also has more wood need the hook.  This is so it does not split when putting the dowel through the hook.
The Cherry Picker

This was in general too big.  Increased the wheel base and made it duel back wheels.  The bed was shortened and the boom lost about 5" of reach.  It is now more stable and looks better.  The bucket is now just a drilled hole.  This is much easier to cut out then the square it was originally designed.

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