Thursday, May 28, 2015

Simi truck Flat Bed Trailer


The cab for the truck is basically the same as the dump truck design. I shortened up the chassis and added a hitch.  That is the great thing about a simple design; parts cover multiple designs.

So I thought the flat bed trailer was going to be pretty easy design.  It is a flat bed, no big deal, right?  The rear wheels were going to drive me insane.  My original plan was to cut them out at a 45 degree angle and then figured that for a basic plan that would be a pain to do.  Then it was how to cut the recesses and then how do I cut the base?  I am a power tool woodworker so I really did not want to chisel out an angle.  So I settled on the current plan.  Looks good and relatively simple.

The semi cab is 12 1/2" long and about 7" tall.  The flat bed trailer is 26" long.  It will haul all the vehicles that are part of the construction design right now.  It should accommodate all of my designs. 

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