Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fork Lift

This was a request from my kids, like most of them are.  They wanted a fork lift to replace the one that I though was too fragile to throw around.  I think there is a trend for the toys that I am making.  The forklift proved to be a challenge that I could not figure out.  I did not want a string to lift the forks up.  I thought about a wedge design or steps.  Nothing seemed to work how I wanted it to.  So I went back to the string.  I sort of disguised it as a propane tank.  I really did not like a handle and crank on the side.

I learned that I need to be careful how close I drill to the end of the board.  I originally had an 1/8" between the front of the chassis and edge of the wheel well.  That ripped apart when I drilled it.  Fixing was easy, just cut out the broken material.  This is reflected in the plans that are for sale.

This is also one of the projects where I am glad I have a 3d modeling system.  I was struggling on how to attach the mast to the chassis.  My original plan was to dowel it through the mast sides.  When reviewing the model, I noticed that the dowels were sticking into the wheels.  This is why the mast bottom was added and finishing became a little more complicated.  The joints of the mast need to be taped before the finish is applied

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