Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Review of a Scroll Saw Tip

I read a tip to use more of a scroll saw blade.  I probably missed the part where he specified the thickness.  Basically when cutting material only a small part of the blade is being used.  The top portion of the blade is not used.  One way to improve the blade usage is to buy crown tooth configuration.  Once the blade is dull it can be flipped over to use the top of the blade.  The tip was to add a 3/4" thick board to lift the part up and use the fresh top portion of the blade.  I am cheap and figured why not try it to double the life of my blades.
I finished the top a little while ago and finally got around to attach the magnets to the top.  There are a couple of issues that I found where this tip does not work well for me.  The tip works great for 3/8" thick and less material.  I generally work in 1/2" and above.  I do a fair amount of stack cutting also.  The little knob that holds the top of the blade gets really close to the part when raised 3/4".  It will not damage the part but it does not feel good when your finger runs through it.  A 3/8" and thinner piece would not have this is not a problem.  The part in the picture is 3/4" thick.

My basic design was to have a 1/2" piece of plywood with a 1/4" piece of plastic attached.  I know the picture looks like the top is warped but it is not.  I had seen others put a piece of thin board on their tops to reduce friction, others wax their tops.  I had a piece of scrap plastic so I used that on top.  Underneath I used rare earth magnets.  I was not sure how many I needed so I started with two and that was all that was needed.  They hold the top down just fine.
Although the tip does not work for my purposes it was a good tip.  However, I learned why people put thin board to reduce the friction on the plate.  The plastic I had is used on production tables because of its low friction.  It made a huge difference in cutting tight corners and small areas.  The past few times I have been using the top risking minor pain to my right index finger because I like the plastic top so much.  Now I just need to figure out how to put a removable 1/4" plastic top on the saw for my fingers.

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