Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week Two

Here is the latest on the projects I have been working on. There are more pieces and I have some patterns adhered to some pieces of wood to scroll saw. I am not as far as I want to be because of some factors beyond my control. So far they are coming out good. I only have one mistake so far. I glued incorrect parts together. Thank goodness for an article in Wood Magazine I was able to save the project. There was an article about fixing a glue up mistake on panels. In short, take a microwave heating pad (I used a sock full of rice) and heat it up. Put it around the glued panel seam that needs to be separated. In a few minutes (10-15) the glued panels would come apart. Granted the glue can not have dried for weeks. Well I tried it but my parts was two face joined pieces and not a panel so my part was too big to put the rice sock around and I thought I was going to lose two of the hardest pieces to make. Then I realized my part was small enough to put in the microwave. One minute later and a little nudge from a chisel and hammer, the parts separated. With a little bit of sanding they will be good to work with. Hopefully the toy is not radioactive now!

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