Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And the actual number is....

That was my last count. Kyle has determined that his blocks about 3 times as many is not as exciting as a bucket of blocks in his parent's room. He would have fun pulling them out and we would put them back in.

Thank-you for all those who participated. The good news is that I had to clean out the garage again so I have a good start on another pile of blocks. I think I will do other things like this also. We will see.

I do not have an update on my projects this week. Cleaning the garage and work interfered with getting stuff done. But I have a clean space to work again and I know were things are.

Another little tidbit of advice. Before gluing everything up put it together first. I dry assembled the flat bed yesterday and the one of the wheels didn't fit and the cut out on the trailer was too small to allow it to turn. The good thing is that I can correct it.


  1. April Burnell is the winner with a guess of 103

  2. I was so close! :) Hehe, congratulations April!