Thursday, March 18, 2010

The TV Stand

I will have to admit this is one of my more favorite projects I have designed and built. Yes this is my design and I own the drawings. Not to say that some person can not just copy it. The stand was originally designed for my sister who, I think still likes hers. My wife liked my sister's TV stand so much that she wanted one. Evidently, That meant that I had to get rid of the very first TV stand that I built. It is now at my in-law's home.

It was definitely a first design project that had it's flaws. It opened from the sides and was not very friendly to a small condo. I also underestimated the weight of DVD's and videos. The doors sag just a little even though I have a piano hinge all the way down the doors. It was also made out of 3/4" plywood so it was built like a tank.
Back to this TV stand. This is made out of solid birch and with plywood inlays. The drawers for the video's was a great idea. The only thing I did not consider when building this was game consuls. Oh well. The design is a great one. It is much more modular than the first because the drawers come out making it much lighter. I also have two side that can be used with the stand, end tables or night stands. I have learned to appreciate the value of being modular like Ikea but much more durable.

Toys are not the only thing I have built, They are the only thing that fit in our house currently.


  1. Great design!

  2. hey! how much would you charge for a little tv stand like yours and katie's but with shelves instead roll-outs and no doors?? wes and i have a big entertainment center that is a bit impractical for an apartment, and i was thinking maybe we could buy one from you? not for sure, but i was just wondering....