Friday, June 24, 2016

Fire Trucks are Red

My son decided some time ago that all fire trucks should be red.  So he colored one red that I had made before he was born.  It was a nice cherry and maple one.  Now all the maple parts have red crayon scribbles.  This time I decided to make it red.  I had some left over African mahogany left over that worked perfect for this.  This would be the second time that I worked with this species and realized more of its short comings.

 It is rather soft so it sanded and machined very well.  However it is also porous so when gluing in the dowels the squeeze out occurred at the end grain.  It also liked to split at the slightest of pressure.
I wanted to make an older style fire engine.  Honestly, the newer models offer more technology and are more equipped, they are a bunch of blocks.  That is how I settled on this design. 

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