Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More Puzzles

A borrowed a book of puzzles from the local chapter of the scroll saw association.  There are still a couple more that I need to do that I picked out.  These are the ones that I have completed.  I have been doing a lot of puzzles lately.  I have forgotten that they take a little more care in the set up than the toys that I have been making.  When I first started, I did not set my table to my blade.  I don't usually move it out of square but for some reason it was about a degree off.  It took me an entire puzzle to get the blade right.  I was using the trick I learned but did it backwards.  There could be many reasons for this, one I am dyslexic so backwards comes naturally or I am left handed.
The phoenix made in cherry and poplar

Happy dragon made in purple heart

Hippogriff  made in maple

Griffon made in maple

Dragon made in cherry

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