Thursday, June 9, 2016

Teacher Gift

 It is the time of year that we thank the teacher that put up, challenged, disciplined, and help teach our kids.  This year we planned a little bit earlier than previous years.  I found this in one of the puzzle books.  It came with 18 pieces and it was easy to modify to 14 so it was one per kid in class.  Each member of the class wrote their names on one side and drew a picture on the other.  My son's teacher didn't know what was going on even though she did a piece.  It was a nice little project glad we did it.
We did find out before finishing colored pencil does not run but marker (all including sharpie) ran when the finish was applied.  So the names got a several light coats.  In the future I would use a water based finish but still use colored pencils for the drawings

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